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Listening & Speaking I


Basic Information

Basic Information

UniversityUniversidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (UAA) (Links to an external site.), First semester of a propedéutico year

Subject: Listening & Speaking I

Delivery: Online (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM) – Microsoft 365 Teams

InstructorBenjamin L. Stewart, PhD

Contact information: Learners enrolled in the course may contact me per chat in Microsoft Teams (Microsoft 365 university account).

PrerequisitesA1-A2 English proficiency level

Course Overview: This is a listening and speaking course for English language learners at an A1-A2 English proficiency level. You may access course content by selecting subcategories by week under the parent category, “L&S1“.

Learning objectives: Learners will develop academic writing skills and strategies through various writing genres.

Method of instruction: Problem-based learning; differentiated instruction; lots of formative assessment


This website serves as a content management system for the course along with a space set up in Microsoft Teams where live sessions (classes) will take place. TeacherEase will be used to manage grades and attendance and Flipgrid (using Microsoft 365 university account) will offer a common way of learners to interact.


Tips for Success

  • Make sure you can enter TeacherEase, Microsoft 365-University account, and this page.

Statement on Accommodation

Any learner facing challenges meeting course objectives should contact me immediately. Anyone who wishes to discuss this course or share experiences feel free to contact me per any of my socials.


All open (public) content for this course is under a creative-commons license (CC-BY).  Learners taking this course for credit have the right to choose how open course projects will be.  If any learner feels uncomfortable with working publicly, please email me via Canvas.


This syllabus is subject to change and is based on the original syllabus below, which is designed for face-to-face classes.