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Storytelling Assignment for a Writing I Class

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Show Notes
In this episode, I provide an excerpt of a class that is designed to assist English language learners – at an A2 level – to complete a story (one paragraph long) that is inspired by an image (painting or a picture) of a cabin in nature. 
Content Objectives
Build vocabulary related to nature: objects, animals, emotions, five senses, etc.
Gain awareness of paragraph unity (staying on topic), coherence (organizational patterns), and cohesion (transitions)
Gain awareness of sentence types: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex
Gain awareness of parts of speech, types of phrases, and types of clauses
Gain awareness of comma usage: serial comma, compound sentence, complex sentence, sentence connectors, introductory phrases (five words or more), and appositives
Language (Linguistic) Objectives
Rheme and theme
Comma usage
Descriptive texts using adjectives and prepositional phrases
Simple, compound, and complex sentences
Pedagogical Notes

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