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Instructional-Learning Episodes That Promote a Dynamic Classroom Experience

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 Show Notes

Instructional-learning episodes: knowledge-skill; metacognition-cognition; far (new context)-near (similar context) transfer; reproductive (less complex)-productive (more complex)
Essential question: How does a song communicate with you? (far-near transfer)
Brainstorm individually: emotions, people, events, etc. as a list. (knowledge – writing to understand)
Convert brainstorming list to Mindmap and take a picture (Cognition, learning strategy, knowledge)
Convert Mindmap to first and subsequent drafts
Work/Upload information to Google docs
Feedback – few students uploaded their paragraphs until the very end

Sources: Elshout-Mohr, Hout-Wolters, & Broekkamp, 1999; Volman & Ten Dam, 2011

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